Fixatives & varnishes: what you need to know to preserve your art.

Do you know how to use varnishes and fixatives correctly? There are numerous videos on Instagram with artists varnishing their art dead wrong. They pour the liquid onto the surface and brush it all over the canvas. I saw one artist at an outdoor art event varnishing her painting in a frame! If you really care about your art and want to preserve it, using your materials properly is a must. Otherwise paintings may crack or discolor over time. Read more:

Velasquez Medium and Oleogel

I am constantly looking for, and I am open to, ways of improving my experience of painting. I’m curious about techniques and tools that other artists use and I adopt things that I see and think I can use sometimes.

This time I am giving Velasquez Medium and Oleogel a try. I first learned about these products from Ryan Delgado, a wonderful painter whose YouTube channel is informative as well as entertaining. Check out his youTube channel for some useful instruction on oil painting and palette best practices.

I’m looking forward to getting to know these products which, by the way, are made by Natural Pigments of Willits, CA. Here’s a link to their website: