Fixatives & varnishes: what you need to know to preserve your art.

Do you know how to use varnishes and fixatives correctly? There are numerous videos on Instagram with artists varnishing their art dead wrong. They pour the liquid onto the surface and brush it all over the canvas. I saw one artist at an outdoor art event varnishing her painting in a frame! If you really care about your art and want to preserve it, using your materials properly is a must. Otherwise paintings may crack or discolor over time. Read more:

Los Angeles Art Museums: 15 Best in and Around the City – Money Saved is Money Earned

Los Angeles is a brilliant city with a wide array of activities for visitors. One of the best things about the city is its thriving art communities. Los Angeles art museums showcase contemporary works and pieces from grandmasters, so whatever preferred style, there’s an art museum in Los Angeles and the surrounding area that has it.

Here are the best art museums in LA to help guide you on your artistic journey through the city:

Artvee is a free site where you can browse and download tens of thousands of high-res, public domain artworks.

Artvee is a free site where you can browse and download high-res, public domain artworks. You can search by artist, category, or keyword. In the abstract art section, there are 6,357 pieces of art to browse through (and much more to see in other sections). If you need photos of art for something but are worried about copyright laws, Artvee is a great place to dig around.

Why You Should Join an Online Life Drawing Class

When the online classes are led by a tutor, they can give helpful guidance and tips throughout the session. It might be less hands-on than a session in real life, but some artists might prefer it to having a tutor looking over their shoulder! Not all classes are guided, and these can feel more informal, allowing you to take your drawing in your own direction. (More…)