Importance of light direction in the composition of a pencil sketch.

Apart from the subject, medium, and skill of the artist, many other factors are there that go into the creation of successful pencil sketch, one of them is the light direction while sketching.

How light reflects off of objects determines how we perceive them. Therefore, it becomes important for the artists to capture the light in a way that creates the exact illusion of what is observed in the drawing. (More…)


The lure of large format photography attracts many. Relatively few can justify the cost of pursuing it, though. Even 4×5 sheet film gets pretty expensive, and that’s the smallest of the large formats out there. What if you could make one relatively inexpensively, though, and at the same time, avoid the hassle and cost of chemicals by shooting the results on your digital camera? (More…)

The Basics About Prints, Editions, and Multiples

Starting a collection would require a lot of knowledge on everything you’ll find in the market. Even in huge collections, versatility among media and artists stands out. A lot of collectors still go for prints or multiples and most begin through this. But what are prints? What are multiples and what makes editions still so valuable? (More…)

5 ways to lay out your painting palette.

There are no hard and fast rules to laying out your oil paints and over time you will each have your own way of doing this, that best suits your own style of painting. But if you are a beginner it is a good idea to have a system because then you can paint without thinking just like driving a car, it becomes an automatic action. (More …)

The Louvre just put its entire art collection online.

There is nothing like spending a rainy afternoon at a museum, soaking in the beauty and wonder of art and history. Now the Louvre, the world’s most visited museum, is letting you do that right from home.

The French museum has released an online platform featuring all of the museum’s artworks, consisting of more than 480,000 pieces. Art lovers and researchers alike will now be able to view the entire Louvre collection online for free. (Read more…)