10-Billion-Pixel Panorama Reveals The Extremely Up-Close Details Of Vermeer’s ‘Girl With A Pearl Earring’

In 2018, Emilien Leonhardt and Vincent Sabatier from Hirox Europe, with the support of Abbie Vandivere, carried out a close-up examination of the painting in which they used a 3D microscope to create an incredible 10-billion-pixel panorama of it.  It is a fascinating look at an iconic work of art, the likes of which we have never seen before. Take a look at it here.

Learn how to clean paintbrushes properly, whether you’re using oils, acrylics, or watercolour.

Learning how to clean paintbrushes properly is an important skill. As the saying goes: If you look after your tools, your tools will look after you. When you start painting, a good set of brushes is one of the most important investments you’ll make – and they can set you back a fair amount of money too. So it makes sense to give them a bit of TLC.

Here are some techniques you need to know.

How To Paint With Acrylics: A Step-By-Step Guide

Like any craft, learning how to paint with acrylics takes a little time to get the hang of and involves plenty of trial and error as you set on your way. With guidance and advice from painters who’ve been working with acrylic paints for many years, has put together a comprehensive 101 on the topic. Check it out here.

How to Become a Professional Artist

Jill Poyerd is a contemporary realist known for her tranquil subject matter and unique painting style. Her award-winning work can be found in private collections both nationally and internationally. She has been featured in national publications, and is a signature member of several prestigious art societies. Her perspective on how to become a professional artist is well worth the read. Click here to take a look.

VOMA – The Virtual Online Museum of Art

The Virtual Online Museum of Art (VOMA) is the world’s first virtual museum of it’s kind. It presents exquisitely curated exhibitions featuring seminal works on loan from major institutions around the world, alongside those by our most celebrated contemporary artists.

It is a totally free, fully immersive museum that anyone, anywhere in the world can visit. VOMA is more than just another online viewing room or digitization of something that exists in the physical world. It is a gorgeous amalgamation of considered curation, visionary architecture, game design, CGI, and global community interactivity. It is a digital institution that’s capable of showcasing art in ways audiences have not had the chance to experience before. Visit it here.


Gauguin claims credit for Van Gogh’s Sunflowers: the revelations of a rediscovered manuscript

Gauguin’s book-length manuscript Avant et Après (Before and After) has never been exhibited since it was written in 1903 in the artist’s hut in the Marquesas Islands and it has not even been privately shown to art historians since the 1920s.  Read the full article here.