Sharp Art Studio limited editions are produced, signed, and numbered at Modern Multiples printmaking studio in Los Angeles, California. Modern Multiples provides the finest products and services available for artists dedicated to the creation of museum quality works of art designed to last a lifetime.

A fine art printmaking studio specializing in serigraphs and digital giclees, Modern Multiples collaborates with a wide array of contemporary artists and designers to create unique and highly collectible works of art. Master printers employ highly skilled and technical knowledge in educating and enabling artists to immerse themselves into the printmaking process. Artists are afforded an opportunity to work one-on-one with print and digital experts to create unique, signed and numbered, archival, limited editions. Modern Multiples is dedicated to the realization of the collective vision between the artist, publisher and printer. Each production is unique in its progression through the different levels of involvement and participation of the artist and publisher. All levels of desired involvement by the artists are accomodated ‐ from color separations, stencil-making and color mixing to actual production and curation. The ultimate beauty of the printmaking tradition is shown in its democratic nature. A fine-art print has the ability to reach a greater population of appreciators that may not be able to afford original works, such as paintings. By servicing the art community, Modern Multiples continues the great tradition of making accessible works of art for the public.